Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection

Newstar aramid fiber can be used in high temperature filter bag in 204℃ for a long time. It can remove PM10, PM2.5 and other harmful particles in the exhaust to the maximum extent. With high filtration accuracy and low shrinkage rate, the capture efficiency of 1 micron particles can reach 98%-99%, which is of great significance to reduce haze, protect public health and promote green development. It is widely used in smelting, cement, asphalt and other high-temperature dust removal equipment as the green shield to protect the blue sky.

Aramid and its composite materials are widely used in the key components of power traction, friction braking, body structure, flame retardant interior and other systems of high-speed rail vehicles, high-speed trains, subways and other high-speed rail vehicles, which can effectively improve the safety and comfort of vehicles. performance and service life.

Business in Focus
  • Wind power
    Metastar paper is used in generator and transformer of wind turbine, It can decrease the size and weight of equipment, decrease maintain cost.
  • Dust settling bag
    Newstar meta-aramid fiber can be used to make dust bag. It can work under 204℃ at long term. It's an ideal material form high temperature cleaner bag, and good for environment protection and public health.