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Meta Aramid

Tayho Newstar® is an inherently flame-resistant meta-aramid fiber. Owing to its unique and stable chemical structure of non-flammability, Newstar® is ideal materials for personal protective textiles and some industrial applications like hot gas filtration, turbo charger hoses, copy cleaners and some others which call for high heat & flame protection.

Why Newstar ?

Excellent heat & flame resistance
Newstar® fibers can resist high temperatures. It can endure high temperature of up to 400℃ for a short period time and can work continuously under 210℃ for long time. The LOI of Newstar® is about 28%. It doesn’t melt or drip in the air.
Outstanding durability under exposure to UV
Newstar® fibers have excellent resistance to UV. After working outdoors for some time, fabrics made with Newstar® retain very high tensile strength while fabrics made from other fibers become very weak and unserviceable.
Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX
Newstar® fibers are produced under strict restrictions of harmful substances and are certified Class A for Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX each year. It meets every need for customer confidence and high product safety.
Low halogen content
Newstar® fibers are tested to have much lower halogen content, being very friendly to human body and to the environment.

Main properties
Application & Advantage
Denier: 200D-1600D
Color: Natural & Dope dyed
Ideal material for high temperature resistant
 sewing threads, flat tapes, cables,
turbo charger hoses and many others.
N600Denier: 0.8D-3.0D
Length: 38mm-85mm
             bias cut
Color: Natural white
Dyeability: Dyeable
An excellent balance of strength, elongation,
and dyeability as a basic all-round type for

spun yarn used for sewing thread, protective

apparel, aipper tape, narrow fabrics

and underwear, etc
Denier: 0.8D-13D
Length: 38mm-102mm
Color: Natural white
Dyeability: Less dyeable
High strength and elastic modulus, works
perfectly for non-woven in hi-temperature
 filtration, insulation materials, high
temperature conveyers, etc.
Denier: 0.8D-2.0D
Length: 38mm-85mm
Color: Natural white
Dyeability: Easy dyeable
Exhibits the best physical performance
among the world’s easy-dyable m-aramid
fibers. Fabrics have good strength and

widely used for protective apparel and

flame-resistant furnishings, etc.

Denier: 0.8D-5.0D
Length: 38mm-102mm
Color: Solution dyed
Solution dyed meta-aramid fiber. Highly
 recommended for PPE applications.
Environmental-friendly, no dyeing is
required. Excellent color fastness, highly
popular with wearers under sun exposure.

Specification: 10S/1 to 80S/1

Color: Solution dyed

Offer professional solutions to meet
requirements from different industry,
including oil and gas, electric arc,
metallurgy, firefighting, etc.

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