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"At Tayho, we use science to improve lives and build a beautiful, safe and health future. We remain focused on executing our plans, building a leading company in the industry, and continuing to deliver exceptional value for our customers, premium returns for our shareholders and pride to our employees.”

Xiquan Song is chairman of the board of Tayho, a leading hi-performance fiber manufacturing company that improves lives around the world.

The company’s 2300 employees are united by a common purpose: building a beautiful, safe and healthy world and future, and the company is advancing three strategic priorities to support long-term value creation: Growth through Innovation, Transforming Tayho Operating Model, and People and Culture.

Xiquan became chairman of the board in August 2018. He previously served as chief executive officer in October 2009, operating officer of aramid business. He joined Tayho in 1999 as a senior engineer.