Protective clothing, protective gloves and other personal protective equipment made of Newstar meta-aramid can effectively resist high temperature, flame, arc and other work injuries, providing maximum protection for workers.

Business in Focus

Cut Protection
Gloves made of Taparan® fibers have excellent cut resistance, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., and are 2-3 times stronger than high-toughness polyester or polyamide gloves, and the cut resistance level can reach 5 Class (according to the European standard EN388 ).
Flame Retardant Protection
The protective clothing made of Newstar will not melt or drip, and is self-extinguishing, wear-resisting, soft and comfortable. It can effectively avoid injury caused by fire hazards such as burns, scalds, etc., buying valuable time for people to get out of danger quickly. The protective clothing made of Newstar has been widely used in civil fire- fighting, emergency rescue, wildland fire-fighting, oil and gas, arc protection and so on.
Noise reduction