Electrical & Electronics

Metastar® aramid own UL certificate,and the heat resistant class is C-class,and the electronic which made by Metastar paper even can reach S-class(240℃),Metastar paper has low halogen content, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.It can be used in lithium battery internal insulation of notebook computers, mobile phones vehicles and other electronics products.

Business in Focus

Metastar paper and flexible laminate are used in many kind of EV motor. They have excellent chemical stability, mechanical strength and high breakdown voltage.
High speed rail
Metastar paper products are used in traction motor and traction transformer. Almost all high speed train are using metastar products, include, aramid paper, pressboard, DDP, crepe aramid paper, etc.
Metastar paper are used in many kinds of transformers, including wind energy, hydro-generator and turbine generator.
Metastar® aramid paper mainly used as insulation material in Wrap wire, layer insulation, phase insulation, lead insulation.structure, stripe.And widely used in Power Transformer,Traction Transformer.Wind Transformer,Microwave Transformer and etc.
Metastar aramid paper, flexible laminates, and mica paper has excellent electric performance, high temperature. They are excellent insulation material, used for high voltage motor, generator, EV motor, wind generator, etc.
Other Equipment
Metastar paper can be used in electric switcher, PCB board, label and many other applications.