Aramid and its composite materials are widely used in the high speed train, bullet train, subway and et, as the key components of power traction, friction braking, body structure, flame retardant interior, which can effectively improve the safety, comfort and service life of vehicles.

Business in Focus

Aramid Paper Honeycomb Core
The honeycomb cores which made from Metastar® aramid paper are widely used in high-speed train,subway,light rail,cruise,speedboat and other transports. It can be used as ceiling,frame, door, floor, luggage racks and Interior trim components. The aramid paper honeycomb core specific strength is 27 times that of aluminum honeycomb core, It is an effective energy saving and weight saving material widely used at present.
Aircraft Brake Pads
Taparan® para aramid has ideal abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance. It has replaced the asbestos. The addition of 5% of Tapron® can achieve the effect of 20% of asbestos. It can reduce the braking noise of the brake pads, enhance the abrasion resistance, and effectively shorten the braking distance, prolong the service life and reduce the frequency of replacement.
Fire Seat Cover
Newstar is inherent flame retardant, which can withstand high temperature of more than 200℃ for a long time. It is difficult to ignite in the air and does not spontaneously combust, non-toxic and tasteless, with good dimensional stability, leading it to be an ideal safety material for seat.