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Inauguration of the Münster Representative Office
2024-04-17 10:36:21

Inauguration of the Münster Representative Office

Grand Unveiling: Tayho Advanced Materials Group's European Branch Office


After nearly two months of meticulous preparation by the International Marketing Center, Tayho Advanced Materials Group Co., Ltd. officially inaugurated its European branch office in Münster, Germany, on April 14, 2024, with a ceremonious plaque unveiling event. Chi Haiping, the company's president, graced the occasion and presided over the proceedings. Among the distinguished attendees were Yu Wei, Deputy General Manager of the International Marketing Center; Liu Lei, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of the European Region; Zhang Qian, Sales Manager of the European Region; along with several European agents and esteemed strategic clients.


President's Address: Embracing Innovation for a Better Tomorrow


In his opening address delivered in English, President Chi Haiping expressed heartfelt gratitude to all present for their participation in the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Tayho Advanced Materials' European representative office despite their busy schedules. He underscored Tayho's enduring commitment to innovation as the guiding force toward a better quality of life. Innovation, he asserted, forms the essence of the company's ethos, while cooperation serves as its cornerstone, service as its essence, and development as its overarching objective. He emphasized the company's unwavering dedication to creating value for customers and its resolute determination to deliver superior quality and efficient localized services through the establishment of the European representative office in Münster.



Strategic Insights: Pioneering Tayho's Expansion in Europe


Following this, Liu Lei, Deputy General Manager of the International Marketing Center, provided an insightful overview of Tayho Company's overall performance, the strategic positioning of the Münster representative office, and the prospective strategic plans for Europe to the esteemed guests. Subsequently, a heartwarming video presentation was showcased to commemorate the plaque unveiling ceremony. The video featured congratulatory messages from Tayho's domestic teams and strategic clients in Europe, along with a heartfelt message from Chairman Song Xiquan.


Chairman Song emphasized, "The accomplishments Tayho Advanced Materials has achieved in Europe are indebted to the dedication and support of our regional agents and partners throughout Europe over the years. The company is undergoing a transformation from being solely a material supplier to becoming a comprehensive solution provider. We have established four major business groups encompassing advanced textiles, new energy materials, safety protection and information technology, and green chemicals. Tayho is also actively accumulating expertise in advanced materials, material recycling, green manufacturing, and flexible manufacturing technologies within these sectors. Our aim is to provide superior service experiences and deliver highly competitive solutions to our end-users and partners across various industries. Through innovation, we aspire to achieve greater success for ourselves, our partners, and stakeholders, thereby contributing to a brighter society."


Looking ahead, Tayho is committed to accelerating its global expansion efforts, focusing on delivering higher-quality localized services, localized supply chains, integrated production, and localized R&D. The establishment of the German representative office serves as a tangible manifestation of this guiding philosophy, reflecting our steadfast determination and courage to provide top-tier services to our global partners, especially those in Europe. We eagerly anticipate continuing our journey hand in hand with all our partners towards a prosperous future.


Strategic Location: Münster: A Gateway to European Markets


Situated in the northern part of North Rhine-Westphalia, Münster serves as the capital and cultural hub of the region, boasting one of Germany's largest university cities. The strategic location of Tayho Advanced Materials' Münster representative office provides convenient access to major cities within Germany and neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, where numerous clients are located.


Towards a Brighter Future: Tayho's Global Vision


Adhering steadfastly to Tayho Advanced Materials' core global strategy, the company is poised to leverage its Münster representative office as a springboard to further penetrate the European market. Through this endeavor, Tayho aims to offer enhanced value propositions to partners throughout the industry chain, solidifying its position as a leading player in the global arena.


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