Newstar® Spandex(8)

Comfortable Spandex

Effortless Adhesion, Ultra-fine Denier, Soft and Comfortable, Antibacterial and Odor-resistant, Low Temperature Fabric, Seamless Elasticity. Elevate your wearing experience to new heights with Comfortable Spandex. Choose Comfortable Spandex for unparalleled comfort.

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Environment-friendly Spandex

As we celebrate a year of excellence, we are delighted to present our latest innovation: the premier "Eco-Flex Collection." Elevate your product offerings with this extraordinary range of environmentally responsible textiles, designed to redefine luxury through sustainability.

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High Elastic Color Spandex

High Elastic Color Spandex is an innovative, high-performance synthetic fiber that, with its unique color options, exceptional elasticity, and environmentally sustainable characteristics, provides an ideal material choice for both fashion and functional clothing.

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High-temperature Resistant Spandex

High-temperature Resistant Spandex is an innovative elastic fiber designed for applications in high-temperature environments. Utilizing advanced technology, the H350 grade of high-temperature elastic fiber maintains outstanding elasticity and stability even under extreme temperature conditions, providing an ideal solution for various applications that require resilience in challenging thermal settings.

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Tametar® Meta-aramid(3)

Aramid Spun Yarn

Aramid Spun Yarn is a high-performance spun yarn designed for professional applications, standing out with its exceptional strength, abrasion resistance, and versatility. Whether in manufacturing, protective clothing, or outdoor activities, this spun yarn provides reliable support for projects, ensuring the final products meet the highest standards.

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Meta-aramid Filament

Filament is a material that showcases innovation, style, and environmental responsibility. Partner with us to elevate your projects to new heights of performance and aesthetic brilliance.

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Meta-aramid Staple Fiber

Our Staple Fiber not only emphasizes high performance and durability but also focuses on environmental friendliness and design diversity. Regardless of your application, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality, innovative, and sustainable fiber solutions.

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Taparan® Para-aramid(6)

Short Cut

Taparan® Short Cut Fiber, a pinnacle of innovation, leverages high-strength Taparan®para aramid with hydrogen bonds for exceptional strength and flexibility. Boasting a specific strength 5-6 times that of steel wire, it excels in extreme temperatures (-196℃ to 204℃) and showcases acid resistance. Ideal for aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications, revolutionize performance with Taparan®.

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Introducing TAPARAN® Para-aramid Pulp, a premium solution crafted from TAPARAN® Para-aramid filament (1.5D). Renowned for exceptional heat and friction resistance, high strength, and modulus, this pulp elevates friction materials, composites, and aramid paper manufacturing. Elevate your products with our versatile and reliable TAPARAN® Para-aramid Pulp.

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Twisted Yarn

Introducing TAPARAN® Twisted Yarn by Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials Co., Ltd—a pinnacle of twisting technology. Achieve unparalleled stability and strength in diverse applications, from aerospace to automotive industries. Meticulously crafted for excellence, our customizable solution ensures reliability and elevates projects with cutting-edge, high-performance fibers. Partner with us for innovation and success.

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Para-aramid Staple Fiber

Introducing TAPARAN® Staple Fiber—a polyamide marvel crafted from crimped filaments, offering lengths of 38mm, 51mm, and 76mm. Boasting high strength, superior modulus, heat resistance, and cut-proof properties, it's the ideal choice for thermal-resistant nonwovens, spun yarns, and covering yarns. Elevate your textiles with TAPARAN®—where innovation meets excellence.

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