Commercial grade para-aramid staple fiber supplier
Para-aramid Staple Fiber
Commercial grade para-aramid staple fiber supplier
  • Commercial grade para-aramid staple fiber supplier

Para-aramid Staple Fiber

Introducing TAPARAN® Staple Fiber—a polyamide marvel crafted from crimped filaments, offering lengths of 38mm, 51mm, and 76mm. Boasting high strength, superior modulus, heat resistance, and cut-proof properties, it's the ideal choice for thermal-resistant nonwovens, spun yarns, and covering yarns. Elevate your textiles with TAPARAN®—where innovation meets excellence.

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Description of Staple Fiber

Introducing TAPARAN® Staple Fiber, a cutting-edge polyamide short fiber meticulously crafted from crimped filaments. With versatile lengths of 38mm, 51mm, and 76mm, and a linear density spanning 1.5D to 4D, this staple fiber sets the gold standard. Renowned for its exceptional attributes such as high strength, superior modulus, impeccable heat resistance, and unparalleled cut-proof performance, TAPARAN® Staple Fiber is the epitome of textile innovation.

Features and Advantages of
Staple Fiber 

  • Staple Fiber Excellence: Originating from crimped filaments, TAPARAN® Staple Fiber boasts superior fiber characteristics, making it a pinnacle choice across various applications.
  • Vibrant Dope Dyed Technology: Infused with cutting-edge dyeing technology, our staple fiber ensures uniform, enduring colors, adding an aesthetic edge to end products.
  • Customizable Short Fiber: Tailored to perfection, our short fiber offers options of 38mm, 51mm, and 76mm lengths, catering to diverse processing methods and product specifications.
  • Strength and Modulus Prowess: TAPARAN® Staple Fiber showcases remarkable strength and modulus, setting new benchmarks for end product performance.
  • Enduring Heat Resistance: Tailored for high-temperature environments, maintaining stability, and proving indispensable in the creation of heat-resistant materials.
  • Cut-Proof Assurance: Excels in applications demanding cut protection, reinforcing the safety and reliability of manufactured products.

Applications of
Staple Fiber

TAPARAN® Staple Fiber stands out for its outstanding performance across industries, including:

  • Thermal Resistant Nonwovens: Ideal for crafting nonwovens requiring high-temperature resistance, providing a dependable shield for a myriad of applications.
  • Spun Yarns Mastery: Elevate your yarn production with our staple fiber, enhancing fiber strength and durability for superior spun yarns.
  • Covering Yarns Innovation: Revolutionize the manufacturing of covering yarns, incorporating additional strength and cut protection for exceptional end products.

TAPARAN® Staple Fiber stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the textile industry. Join us in unlocking new possibilities, elevating your products with the unmatched quality and reliability that TAPARAN® brings to the table. Let's weave success together!

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