aramid pulp manufacturers, Para aramid pulp manufacturer
aramid pulp manufacturers, Para aramid pulp manufacturer
  • aramid pulp manufacturers, Para aramid pulp manufacturer


Introducing TAPARAN® Para-aramid Pulp, a premium solution crafted from TAPARAN® Para-aramid filament (1.5D). Renowned for exceptional heat and friction resistance, high strength, and modulus, this pulp elevates friction materials, composites, and aramid paper manufacturing. Elevate your products with our versatile and reliable TAPARAN® Para-aramid Pulp.

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Description of Pulp

We are pleased to present TAPARAN® Para-aramid Pulp, a high-performance pulp derived from TAPARAN® Para-aramid filament with a linear density of 1.5D. This innovative product boasts exceptional properties in heat resistance, friction resistance, high strength, and high modulus, making it a valuable solution for a variety of applications.

Features and Advantages of Pulp

  • Exceptional Heat Resistance: TAPARAN® Para-aramid Pulp excels in heat resistance, positioning it as a premier choice for applications in demanding high-temperature environments.
  • Outstanding Friction Resistance: The product's remarkable friction resistance makes it well-suited for applications where stringent performance in friction is imperative.
  • High Strength and Modulus: With remarkable strength and modulus characteristics, this pulp provides superior structural support and stability to materials in diverse applications.

Benefits of Pulp

By choosing TAPARAN® Para-aramid Pulp, our business partners gain access to a versatile and reliable solution that enhances the performance and durability of their end products. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that we contribute to the success of our partners across diverse industries.

Applications of Pulp

TAPARAN® Para-aramid Pulp finds extensive utility in collaboration with business partners across various sectors:

  • Friction and Sealing Materials: Partnering with us means accessing a key component for manufacturing high-quality friction and sealing materials, ensuring equipment operates seamlessly even under extreme conditions.
  • Composites: Enhance your products by incorporating our pulp as a crucial element in composites, delivering heightened performance, lightweight attributes, and prolonged durability.
  • Aramid Paper Manufacturing: Collaborate with us to benefit from our pulp's application in aramid paper production, a material widely used in electrical insulation and mechanical components due to its superior insulation and mechanical properties.

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